Established in 1989, Urth Caffé has sought to provide only the finest and most exquisite culinary experiences for our customers. We always strive to touch the hearts, minds and taste buds of our patrons by maintaining exceptional quality, ethics and above all bringing our customers the best tasting food, organic heirloom coffees and fine teas from all around the globe. Our philosophy is to offer purity, quality & great pleasure to our customers.

Urth Cafe is a popular restaurant chain known for its delicious organic food and beautiful atmosphere. Despite their success, they were struggling with their kitchen operations and efficiency. That’s where our company, the leading central kitchen and laundry equipment provider in Saudi Arabia, came in.

Urth Cafe approached our company seeking a solution to their kitchen woes. We worked closely with the restaurant’s management team to understand their needs and requirements. After a thorough analysis, we recommended a custom-designed kitchen that would optimize their workflow and increase efficiency.

The kitchen equipment and layout that our company provided helped Urth Cafe streamline their operations, reduce wait times, and improve the quality of their food. With our exceptional service and quality equipment, the restaurant was able to provide its customers with an even better experience.


Urth Cafe has since seen a significant increase in customer satisfaction and repeat business. Our company’s contribution has helped the restaurant become even more successful, and they have recommended our services to other restaurants looking to improve their kitchen operations.